As a kid, you may have played this game where someone starts a story and stops narrating it after some minutes. Then another person continues the story from the point where the person who started left it. After a little bit, somebody else continues the story, and so on and on. The story takes totally unexpected paths because each narrator adds something new and personal nobody expects. This is precisely The Never Ending Short Story of K, a series of short films that together form a never-ending movie where… well, nobody knows what happens next!
The first scene of The Never Ending Short Story of K.
The story starts with a man waking up in a locked room. He has the letter "K" written on his temple. Where and why is he there? Who labeled him K and why? How is all this resolved? I don't know! Nobody knows.
Based on Kafka's inability to end long stories, the story from one film to another is meant to take unexpected and intricate turns. Each turn, each addition, is brought by new filmmakers contributing to the series.
Photos of some locations for the first episode.
To conveniently solve recruiting different actors for the same roles, the story assumes that K suffers from a rare condition (induced if you like). His 5 senses are out of sync. Whatever he touches may not be what he sees; whatever he drinks may not be the same liquid he thinks to be drinking. His face may not be the one he sees. From one short film to the next one, or even within the same short film, K and other characters' faces change because K's memory is limited. Is this condition something inherited or induced on him? it is up to the next filmmaker to answer questions and open new ones.
The following filmmakers may choose not to use this 'convenient' artifact to solve the problem.

Balazs Garda plays the first appearance of K, since the main role is performed by different actors.

Nereida Martin plays the cleaning lady from the first scene. Still, her character turns out to be essential in the story at a later stage.

I came up with the idea and wrote the first part of the story in July 2010. In April 2014, I filmed and edited the first scene. I haven't touched the project since then, but it is always in the back of my head. I wanted to finish writing the first episode, film and edit it. Finally, pass it along to other filmmakers to create the next episodes. Call it lack of time or procrastination, but I never finished it, and I don't think I will.
So the time has come to pass along the project as it is. It is stagnated in my hands, and I believe it can be a fun project. It isn't fair to hold it back any longer.
Storyboard created by Nigel Hinckley describing the first scene.
Would you like to continue the story? Please do it. Take any resources from this page and contact me if you need anything. Also, either if you start it or finish an episode, let me know to keep track of how the story evolves.
And remember, this doesn't need to be a linear story! It can have many paths emerging from any episode along the line.
There is a mind map that connects them all. Click on "See the board" below to see the progress and access videos and scripts:
Contact me if you want to join the never ending short story of K:
Thank you!